22/5/2561 / 48
BANGLAMPHU destrict has a history of life, sacred food , shopping areas and major tourist attractions. Eventhough the good old days in our area is threat by the approaching of the development of econom..
21/5/2561 / 55
In the beginning of Krung Rattanakosin , 14 fonrts were built at that time of the purpose of providing the defense from fordign invasions. Nowadays there are only 2 forts remained: Mahakarn Fort and Ph..
14/5/2561 / 41
The communtiy began the first ever profes-sionin the art of gole beater but it is still continued by 'Ban Changthong' who strivse to keep this profression alive for later generation.
11/5/2561 / 35
Chakkapong community were the origin of 'the goldsmiths' and were able to skillfully handcraft exquisite ornaments from gold.
11/5/2561 / 19
'Bann Dontri Thai Duriyapraneet' (Duriyapraneet Thai Musical School), located in the WatSangwej Wisayaram Community. This place facilitates the continuance of our cultural heritage in traditi..
11/5/2561 / 16
Crafting the banana trunk is the art of carvin beautiful lines onto the trunk of a banana tree byusing a sharp knife. It is one of the traditional arts in the category of working with fresh subjects, a..
11/5/2561 / 17
Khaotom-Namwoon: the most famous Thai Traditionol dessert. It made of glutinous rice stuffed with defferent filling and wrapped in banana leaves.