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The grand celebration of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 80th birthday anniversary on August 12, 2012 was an auspicious occasion for the Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance, to express their gratitude to Her Majesty’s dedication to the Thai people and the nation. The permanent exhibition is in tribute to Her Majesty Queen Sirikit highlighting Her Majesty’s biography, national development and public welfare activities, and prestigious accomplishment. It was presented to the public in the exhibition hall at the front building of the Pipitbanglamphu Museum complex.

As has long been realized by everyone, Her Majesty has taken the royal duties befitting her royal status as the queen consort and His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s companion since 1950. Her Majesty has been at His Majesty’s side during the long years of the royal visits in all regions of the country with the emphasis to assist His Majesty’s duties and responsibilities and lessen His Majesty’s burdens, while helping to eliminate the people’s plight and bringing happiness and prosperity to the nation. Her Majesty’s kind compassion could be compared with the cool and refreshing shower rain that enlivens those in destitution, all the living things included. For this reason, Her Majesty has been praised far and wide, both at home and abroad for the unstinting contribution to national development. All Thai people should take great pride that they are fortunate to have both caring monarchs. Thai people graciously praise His Majesty as the Father of the fifth of December of each year is declared the Thailand Father’s Day. A similar honour is graciously presented to the exceptional and beloved queen. Her Majesty’s birthday anniversary on the Thailand Mother’s Day. The grand celebrations are held on these two dates in tribute to Their Majesties’ commitment to alleviation the hardship of Thai people and devotion to sustainable development of the nation.


Over six decades have passed since His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej first made the acquaintance of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit in France, Destiny have drawn Their Majesties beside each other without learning the greater responsibility for the nation lying ahead. When Their Majesties took up the monarchy role upon returning to Thailand. Thai people have witnessed this unconditional love and commitment of their beloved king and queen. Their Majesties have been on each other side visiting Thai people regardless of the season, the weather, or the time of the day just to ease their suffering and provide guidance for sustainable development and better living standards of Thai people. Their Majesties’ devotion for placing the livelihood of Thai people prior to their Majesties comfort have not only brought joy and happiness but also served as a fine example to be followed and engraved in the memory of the people. Their love story depicts the following sequence of events

In 1948 while studying in Lausanne, Switzerland, His majesty often went to Paris, France to attend musical performances. His majesty was greeted on arrival by Highness Prince Chandaburi Suranath, Thailand’s ambassador to France and his family. Prior to the trip His Majesty had been advised by HRH the Princess Mother that he should mark the fine demeanor of the Prince ambassador’s eldest daughter, Mon Rajawongse (MR) Sirikit Kitiyakara. Upon His Majesty return to Lausanne, His Majesty conferred to the Princess Mother: "I have seen her already, and she is rather loveable.” Thai summed up His Majesty’s first impression of MR Sirikit Kitiyakara.

Their Majesties shard mutual in various subjects, and enjoyed conversations focusing on the various aspects of music. His Majesty was pleased by Her Majesty’s gentleness, reserved and yet cheerful manner. Besides, Her Majesty was the only person who was well versed in western music around His Majesty during his visit to France. Her Majesty’s charisma captivated His Majesty in no time.

On July 18, 1949, His Majesty accompanied by HRH the Princess Mother made a trip to Paris to meet with His Highness Prince Chandaburi Suranath. The topic discussed on that day was the proposal of a royal engagement. On the following day, His Majesty presented MR Sirikit Kitiyakara with a ring with a diamond set with a circle of heat-shaped mountings that had been HRH the Princess Mother’s engagement ring given to her by the late HRH the Prince Father. And His Majesty "This ring is very precious, It is my gift to you.” A month later, on August 12, 1949, the royal engagement was officially announced to the people of Thailand. On April 28, 1950 the royal wedding was held in keeping with ancient royal tradition at Sra Pathum Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.Thailand.



Royal activities ceaselessly continue over a stretch of more than half a century by Her Majesty the Queen who constantly stands beside His Majesty the King with the resolute determination to fulfill His Majesty ‘s wish to alleviate poverty and hardship of Thai people to propel the country toward progress and prosperity while ensuring peace and happiness among the populace. His Majesty initiates various rural development projects which grants the locals access to infrastructure and utilities, especially water resources. Her Majesty’s work also shares the King’s passionate concern for the country’s natural resources and follows his example by giving strong support to conservation efforts to help improve the living condition and quality of life in rural areas of the country.

In so doing, Their Majesties place emphasis on the local people self reliance with additional occupations that would generate decent income to take care of the families. Her Majesty oftenly granted the local villagers an audience when visiting them and noticed that the villagers in attendance wore the locally made fine clothes with intricate weaving technique made from silk and cotton. Her Majesty graciously advised the villagers to take up the handicraft as a mean to provide the addition family subsist-ence aside from farming and personally purchased these fine local handicraft products. After a formative period of promoting the local handicraft heritage and promotion was founded. Her Majesty granted the name as the Foundation for the Promotion of Supplementary Occupation and Related Techniques (SUPPORT) or Bangsai Arts and Crafts Learning Center under Her Majesty’s Royal Patronage.

Having visited the people in all regions of Thailand, Her Majesty realized the nature of problems prevailing in different localities, particular those centering on natural resources, Her Majesty thus those centering on natural resources, Her Majesty thus initiated a series of projects with the objective to stimulate the populace’s joint effort to preserve, cherish and protect natural resources as well as educated the public. An instance of this is the Afforestation to Conserve the Water Project initiated in 1982, from which numerous other projects focusing on the conservation of natural resources covering all regions of the country have been derived.

Deeply concerned over the people’s hardship caused by natural disasters, such as the severe flooding that occurred in Ang Thong Province towards the end of 2006, Her Majesty constantly kept abreast of the news. After the disaster, Her Majesty commanded that a rehabilitation be provided to the severely hit flooded village in Nong Rahanchin, Ban Ith sub-district, Mueang Ang Thong District. The establishment of a model farm was provided. Soon after, this strategy was followed in Chiang Mai and other provinces throughout the country. The model farm was to serve as a learning center through hands-on practice focusing on agriculture and household industry where flood victims could find work and earn income to sustain themselves and their families.

Projects initiated by Her Majesty the Queen cover a wide variety of areas, be they education, religion, art, culture, public health, environmental conservation or supplementary occupation, all of which have proved to alleviate suffering and bring about happiness among the populace. Her Majesty activities and initiatives befit the populace. Her Majesty activities and initiatives befit the epithet "Mother of the Land” that Thai people have given to her with high respect and loyalty.

Given a Mother of the land intuition. Her Majesty could envisage the potential artistic skill among her people. Her Majesty had handicrafts made by local artisans who were farmer by occupation and prompted these locally made product as the product of the SUPPORT Foundations to ensure sustainable income for them. The products cover diverse areas of art and craft such as weaving, needlework, basketry, silverware, gold articles, metalwork, sculpture, s casting and carving among others. The SUPPORT products are now admired by the world community. Aside form helping to improve the livelihood of the people, the foundation has contributed to the conservation of Thailand’s national cultural heritage on a sustainable basis. This is the reason why Her Majesty has earned a further epithet as "The Great Artist who Conserves and Protects Art” to correspond with His Majesty’s as the nation’s "Master Artist”.



Her Majesty Queen Sirikit was born Mon Rajawongse (MR) Sirikit Kitiyakara, the eldest, daughter of His Highness Prince Chandauri Suranath and Mom Luang Bua Kitiyakara, on August 12, 1932. The name Sirikit was bestowed on Her Majesty by Her Majesty Queen Rambhai Barni, the queen consort of HM King Prajadhipok, Rama VII. It means ‘the Greatness of Kitiyakara Family’

MR Sirikit Kitiyakara ‘s childhood coincided with World War II, the period when Thailand was faced a global wartime hardship that shattered all walks of life causing personal hardships and economic downturn. Having been born with a military family. MR Sirkith Kitiyakara was guided by her father to cope with the prevailing social situation and to become accustomed to the transition with grace and resilience. This great life experience has formed MR Sirikit Kitiyakara to be imbued with orderliness, discipline, endurance, generosity MR Sirikit Kityakara into a person who always exercises kindness and compassion toward the unfortunate, while setting an example of being well-disciplined and adhering to orderliness and self reliance.

As part of the royal wedding. MR Sirikit Kitiyakarn later received the Order of the Royal Hose of Chakir and became Queen Sirikit, and subsequently Her Majesty Queen Sirikit during His Majesty Coronation. Her Majesty was bestowed the queen consort role at the age of 17. From that day onwards Her Majesty has fervently conducted herself duties regardless of the size of royal assignments, to lessen the enormous burden of the great beloved king of all Thais.

In 1956, Her Majesty Queen Sirkit became Regent during the period when His Majesty undertook a period of service as a Buddhist monk. Having successfully carried out numerous royal duties as Regent, Her Majesty was bestowed with the title Queen Regent, or Phra Boromarajininat in Thai, which means the queen who gives support and protection to the populace.

With regard to Her Majesty’s maternal and parental duty, Her Majesty not only admonished her son and daughters when they did something wrong, just as any mother would, but was also happy to personally guide them for the better as evidenced in her remarks that Her Majesty cherishes her role as a mother most. Most importantly, Her Majesty firmly instilled prince and princesses with the sense of patriotism and realization of the responsibility toward the nation as well as the people. The prince and princess learnt from an early and happiness in favor of national interest. Furthermore, Her Majesty advised not only the prince and princess, but Thai people in general to realize the importance and necessity of studying Thai language, particularly Thai literature, to understand the cultural roots of oneself. Her majesty also encourages everyone to read all types of books because books are the sourceof wisdom and knowledge.

During Her Majesty’s visits to all the regions of Thailand, Her Majesty was graciously praised by the locals as Mon or Mother because Her Majesty takes personal interest in every aspects of their lives. Her Majesty has a great concern for their living condition, health, education, and so forth, and has addressed to them personally. Long years of close ties between the queen and her people, which can be compared with those between children and parent as well as pupils and teacher, have resulted in the obvious gradual improvement in the quality of life of the people, In 2013, the Ministry of Education humbly attached to her the epithet "Mother and Teacher of the Land”.

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